• Are you sitting at home suffering in silence?
  • Do you beat yourself up for not being the perfect parent with perfect children?
  • Is your Facebook filled with images to create an illusion that you have it altogether, masking your struggles?


I care about parents and children. My wish is that all children are supported to grow and be nurtured in ways that will serve them into adulthood and that parents will enjoy their parenting journey rather than wish it away. I would love to see all parents looks back with pride at the job they did in raising amazing global citizens.

I am passionate about the notion that children are not our possessions, we are merely the caretakers so it is our responsibility to raise people who will be happy, healthy and whole and able to make their own unique contribution to the world.


What I have seen over the past 30 years of working with children and parents is that most people find it difficult to admit they need help and especially difficult to ask for it, from a fear of being judged. I can offer you some insights into what might be going on from an outsider’s perspective, with the understanding that you are the experts of your own family. What I do is bring proven and successful tools and strategies to help you on your parenting journey.

So if you believe, just as I do, that parenting is no different to any other skill set in that, it can be taught and it can be learned, then please join me on a journey to renew your confidence, build your skills and nurture your connection with your children.


  • Obedience

  • Children's Voice

  • Consequences