Confession time!… Hi, I am Fiona Pulford The Family Coach and I am a Parenting Program Junkie. Seriously, I have done every program available to me-and this may surprise you, NOT because I am a terrible parent but because my philosophy is that I am a lifelong learner and parenting is a lifelong job. I have known that in every program and educational opportunity I have attended I have learnt something. After all this work, I can honestly say, I am a far better parent now than I was 15 years ago!          I guarantee my girls would all agree too!

Just like any skill in life, if you haven’t done it before, there is no expectation that you would suddenly know what you are doing. If you were to throw me out of a plane over Japan, I won’t automatically know how to speak Japanese.

However with parenting, when our children turn 3, 13 or 18 we are expected to know what that looks like developmentally and how as parents we can best support them through each stage.

What I see, is that this sets up children and their parents for confusion, frustration and misunderstandings. I have not met a parent yet who did not love their children and want the best for them but for too many years, I have watched family after family struggle. Parents not understanding their children, feeling lost alone and lacking confidence in their ability to be who their children need them to be. Wondering if what they are experiencing is normal or are there things going on that they should be worried about, comparing themselves to an unrealistic ideal.

I have been blessed with 3 beautiful girls, who are now young women. My girls have been my guinea pigs in this parenting game alongside all the children I worked with in long day care, family day care and the many other early childhood and parenting support roles I have been fortunate enough to fulfill over my long career.

So if you are like me and believe that to be good at anything we need to seek information and use the right tools and techniques, then check out the rest of my website for how I might partner with you and your family by renewing YOUR confidence, building YOUR skills and nurturing YOUR connection with your children.

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