Christmas, just like Doomsday has Preppers which of the 3 types are you?

Every year, when we are in the last week before Christmas, the different styles of preppers becomes obvious, you can see it online and in the shops the looks on their faces, the speed at which they move from shop to shop.

Prepper #1 is sitting back, sipping her herbal tea in the evenings, basking in the afterglow of her completed Christmas present Excel spreadsheet. Her tree is perfect, with a balance of larger ornaments at the bottom moving through to the top, nothing is out of place. She shops all through the year, the presents have been stowed away for months. She hunts out the bargains and as each month passes her present stash grows. She feels a sense of satisfaction in sharing how organised she is and is happy to let others know, she is all ready for Christmas…and it’s the 1st of November! Of course this all comes crashing down when on Christmas Eve she finds the secret letter her 5 year old daughter wrote to Father Christmas asking for a very specific rainbow glass unicorn with a long flowing mane, which is not the very special gift she chose from Father Christmas!

Prepper #2 is the total opposite, she leaves it all till the last week, writes her list then picks a day, usually the 23rd of December.  She is an expert at running in and running out of shops, she has done this all before but swears, next year, she will start earlier, next year, she will be organised. She spends the least amount of time in each shop possible, crossing out names from her list as she goes, she is all done by 5pm…on Christmas Eve. Then sits up til 2am wrapping every present with the cheap rolls of paper, that was all that was left after the good stuff sold out. She starts the wrapping with care and love, but the last few do her in, gone are the cute hand written cards, now it’s down to a black text with a name scrawled across the front. Her tree is up before Christmas day…just. It’s covered with handmade ornaments from her kids and she loves the “relaxed” look of it, but dreams of when she can have one that looks like the magazines, all monochrome and sparkly. She crawls into bed at 4, Christmas morning ready to be woken at 6am by the kids.

Prepper #3 is cruising along, not really sweating it, she starts her shopping in December and just coasts along unstressed picking up the last few things the week before. She relaxes with her New Zealand Sav Blanc in the evenings wrapping her presents as she buys, each day the tree has more added to it. She has found a formula for organised fun. She is not stressed at all, just trusting it will all working out on the day. You can spot her wandering around the shops, chatting to her friends. She buys too much and she finds just one more thing. She bakes and gifts a delicious selection of home made goodies to her neighbours. Her tree is a beautiful balance of crafted and glass ornaments that blend seamlessly. She always find time to enjoy the holidays.

My intention was to be like #1, but spent many years as #2, my aim now is to be #3, well, I have been relaxing with a Sav Blanc, so that’s a start!

Whoever and wherever you are this Christmas, take the time to appreciate the gifts we can easily take for granted, a roof over our head, hot and cold running water, food a plenty and friends and family to love.

Merry Christmas and a safe and abundant New Year to you all!