Are you a Rescuer?

shutterstock_52687924When you children come to you with a problem, are you a life guard, jumping straight in the water determined to keep them afloat? Or do you offer a buoy and help them find their own way to the shore, with just a little extra coaching?

So often, parents with heartfelt intentions will undermine their child’s ability to work through and ride out disappointments. It is normal to face obstacles and challenges in life, but with support, our children will learn to face them, deal with them and move on.  If we continue to smooth over their path by removing anything difficult, they will not develop the resiliency and bounce back qualities that will stand them in good stead for their whole lives. They will also develop a sense of helplessness, the feeling that I always need to be rescued.

Life is not all smooth sailing, we all need to learn to ride the waves so we don’t drown. When we allow our children to work things through themselves, we demonstrate our trust in them and our belief that they are capable.

Be your children’s swimming coach, up skill your them, teach them to swim, don’t remove them from the sea that is life.