Connecting Families

The kids are back at school, kindy and child care and you are already feeling like the year is flying by.

You so want this year to be different, to feel like you are being the best parent for your kids you can be, but you aren’t sure what else you can do!

You pack lunch boxes, tidy bedrooms, wash uniforms, read story books and readers, help with homework, kiss better the bumps, bruises and upsets of all types, play games, give snuggles, and run around taxi-ing EVERYWHERE!! 

  • Through all the “must do’s” wouldn’t you love to feel a deeper connection with you children?
  • To really understand your kids and how to let them know they are loved in a way that they believe it?
  • To know that you really are meeting their needs and maybe some of their wants?

Join me on an 8 week deep dive into your parenting where together we will build a solid foundation on which to create a strong connected family, who know each other, communicate openly and grow together not apart.

What I am offering, when you book in for:

 3 x One to One Coaching Sessions valued at $450

I am gifting FREE of charge with a Happy Birthday from me:

  •  1 X Family Meetings Pack (a high quality printed pack to increase communication, joint family decisions and problem solving) valued at $35 FREE

  • 4 x Group Coaching Sessions (with only 5 participants) conducted fortnightly valued at $220 FREE

  • Access to a Closed Facebook Group for 3 months open only to the 5 people in this program and myself to allow for openness and vulnerability in a safe and supportive space FREE

  • Unlimited access to me through, Voxer, Text, Inbox and Email for the duration of the program FREE

All this for an investment of one upfront payment of $450 or

3 x installments of $150

By the end of the 8 weeks you will know how to understand and connect with your children in ways you never have before.

  • You will learn the benefits of and exactly how to conduct Family Meetings
  • Use the Family Wheel to understand where you are winning and where you are struggling with your family functioning
  • Understand why creating your own set of Family Values is so important and exactly how to do it
  • Learn about the 5 Love Languages, how to identify your own and and understand how to connect with your child through their favourite love language.
  • Understand the Tribal Cycle and the impact it had on us as children and how we may be unconsciously passing that on to our own children. When we know about it, we can break the cycle!

Due to the time commitment required of me to provide the very personalised attention you will receive,

I am limiting this offer is 5 people only.

Make this year the year that turns things around in new and un-imagined ways in your family.

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Fiona Pulford is a Family and Life Coach who is committed to supporting her clients to live in ways that not only serve their children but themselves as well. Having spent 25 + years working in the early childhood and parenting arena, she is now combining this with her lived and coaching experience to bring incredible knowledge and value to all who work with her.




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