Happy Birthday to Me!

So yesterday was my birthday, I had the day off work and despite being the first day of Winter the sun was shining.  I woke early, meditated and my cup of tea was brought to me in bed…how blessed am I?

This wasn’t a special milestone birthday, I have one of those next year and nothing extra ordinary happened, no airline tickets to a Tuscan Villa to unwrap, but it was a joy filled day.

I woke this morning unlike many other post birthday days, feeling loved, why is it this year felt different.  Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely blessed and feel grateful for my life every day, but for some reason, I am often disappointed with my birthday.

I am not one of those, ‘it’s just another day’ types.  I love my birthday, I still have the excitement of a 5-year-old when it comes to the anticipation, which is why I am often left underwhelmed.  I think the expectation is that once you are over 21, we are supposed to grow out of that child-like excitement.

I must have missed that memo, because I catch myself every year, building up my hopes for what this birthday will bring and have started to try to down play it all to avoid the inevitable disappointment that follows because nothing will ever measure up in reality to what I build up in my imagination.

And in all honesty, yesterday, on paper was probably not my best birthday ever, as a family we have had a pretty tough 12 months and some of that tense under current was hanging in the air.

So  why do I not feel let down or disappointed today, why is it different?

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure, may be its not one thing.  What I do know is, I am loved and the people who are important to me demonstrated that in every way.

If we look at the Five Love Languages as written by Gary Chapman, I was spoken to in every one.

Words of Affirmation- I had people I care about say the most heat warming, loving things to me and about me.

Acts of Service- people made efforts to do things for me that were uncomfortable for them.

Gifts- there were thoughtful gifts chosen for me.

Time- people took time out of their day to message me, call me, post on Facebook, catch up for a meal or coffee.

Physical Touch- I was hugged a lot!!!

We each need to be spoken to in all the languages as above, mostly we have a preference for one of 2 and that is how we often show our love, but if we give in our favourite language to someone and that is not their key language, it is not always received how it was gifted.

Have you ever had a conversation where someone said they didn’t feel loved and you have responded with, but I do this and this…“how can you say I don’t love you?

This is a classic example of someone offering love in a language that the other person doesn’t hear.

For me though, I was spoken to loud and clearly in EVERY love language, so thank you to all my beautiful family and friends, maybe it really was my best birthday ever!!!