In your house does Easter signify chocolate, a long weekend or an important religious celebration?

Easter means different things to each family, for many it is a welcome break, hot cross buns and Easter Egg hunts.

The fact that we have a 4 day weekend and shops are closed on Good Friday is homage to the Christian basis for our work/life genesis that still exists today; even if the religious aspect is not an important part of the meaning your family attributes to the celebration.

Easter provides an opportunity for your family to create your own particular rituals which may or may not include

  • Avoiding red meat on Good Friday
  • Hot cross buns for breakfast
  • Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning
  • Church services
  • Boil and colour eggs
  • Make Easter baskets and bonnets
  • Crack eggs against another’s to compete and bring good fortune
  • Egg rolling
  • Big family lunch
  • Watching the footy
  • Going away for a mini holiday

What you chose as your preference is not the issue, my suggestion is that you make Easter your own and think about how your children will remember spending their Easter when they were kids, what made it special.

I once read a quote from Andrew Fuller, Australian Psychologist that said routines and rituals are the

“coat hooks upon which we hang our family memories”.

This quote has stuck with me as so often we do what we do with little thought for the legacy those seemingly minor rituals create.

This Easter, think about what you will create with your children, what will be the enduring memories, will they be happy, will they be something in years to come they want to pass on to their children because it meant so much to them growing up.

Happy Easter!