What are your Proudest Moments as a Parent?

And by proud I mean, what warms the cockles of you heart rather than I want to post it on Facebook?

I asked the question on Facebook this week and had few responses, I do think it’s hard for people to share the deeper level stuff. It’s easy to say my child started kindy or school or graduated from school and those milestones are worth celebrating, because they are the natural order of things rather than a personal achievement. We live in a nation where it’s illegal for our children NOT to be at school from ages 6-17. So all things being equal, our children mostly go to school and then leave again, so it doesn’t feel boastful to post a pic.

The responses to my question that were posted spoke of the qualities of their children rather than milestones or achievements.  They were around when their children have helped each other out during difficult times and “when they have either stood up for, or befriended the kids that no one played with and were picked on”.

As a parent that is what absolutely warms the cockles of my heart, to hear that my child has shown consideration, compassion and thoughtfulness for another.  We get to see our children in the context of our homes, with family and friends but knowing who they are when we are not around is trickier.  We are always reliant on someone else’s perception. When you get some information about your child that highlights what an awesome human being they are, that is something to feel really proud of!

It’s interesting that rarely are those things posted when they are things that parents are proud of.  So as parents. If we aren’t acknowledging publicly, lets ensure we are letting our kids know how awesome they are and how proud we are of them when they demonstrate attributes that are important and not just the A for a Maths test. Unless of course Maths is extremely challenging for them so they had to work particularly hard to achieve it.  Then you are recognising the work ethic and perseverance which are fantastic qualities!